Our Lady of Hope Catholic School A National Blue Ribbon, K-8 school located in Potomac Falls, VA Messengers of Hope for the World!



Families who are practicing Catholics (children are baptized Catholic) and registered at Our Lady of Hope Church or another Catholic parish within the Diocese of Arlington may qualify for the Catholic tuition rate.

Tuition Management Options

Tuition is paid in a single payment or over 12 monthly payments through FACTS Online Tuition Management. If a family chooses to make monthly payments, they may designate their payment deduction on either the 5th or 20th of every month, July through June. Mid-year transfer students will have tuition pro-rated.

Spanish-speaking families

FACTS added language translation toggles to certain areas of the SIS, Tuition Management, and Grant & Aid Assessment systems. Here’s are some exciting updates:

  1. In FACTS SISLMS, Family Portal, and Tuition Management: Landing pages, user account creation, and user account pages can be converted to Spanish.
  2. In Grant & Aid and Tuition Management: Financial aid application and payment plan creation steps can also be converted to Spanish.
  3. If families need information about financial aid or payment plans prior to creating an account, FACTS can provide your school flyers in Spanish.

For families who have payment plans or financial aid applications with FACTS, they do offer bilingual customer support via phone, or chat support when logged into the system. Visit the FACTS support page to learn more.

Financial Grant & Aid

If you plan on filing for financial aid, please ensure all of your tax documents for last year are uploaded into the FACTS Grant & Aid system by the deadline.-

Due Dates:

HIGH SCHOOL: January 5, 2024

Note: To receive a notification letter regarding Tuition Grant & Aid, an application for admission must be on file with the School Office along with the online completion of the FACTS Tuition Grant & Aid application.

Investing in an Our Lady of Hope Education

Did you ever think about the actual cost of educating a Crusader?

Rising costs are affecting Catholic schools more than ever.  The actual cost of educating a Crusader is $9,696.00, and the difference between that and standard tuition is $768.92.  The gap increases as the discount for multiple children takes effect. If you multiply that by each Crusader, we need to make over $170,000 in revenue every year.  We are very grateful to the PTO and all of you for your continued generosity.  

Thank you, Crusader Family!