Our Lady of Hope Catholic School A National Blue Ribbon, K-8 school located in Potomac Falls, VA Messengers of Hope for the World!

Why OLOH for Your Child

Why OLOH for Your Child

Our Strong Catholic Identity: Rooted in tradition and authentic Catholic teaching, the Faith is practiced throughout the day and incorporated within all academic subjects.  It is who we are!

Parent–Partnership: Our small, family-like community reinforces the values taught at home by parents, the primary educators, and creates a continuity of learning. Parent involvement is an integral part of our school!

High Expectations:  We set high standards for student achievement and help them succeed. Our students not only meet academic and diocesan standards but exceed them.

It’s an Investment: Children are our most precious gift! Why not invest in their future with a quality education that will pay a life-long dividend?

Dedicated Staff:  Through differentiated instruction we support as well as challenge your child. Certified faculty and staff are role models who share their faith and talents to nurture each child’s gifts so they can reach their highest potential.

Moral Development: Students carry their deep relationship with God into the world and become joy-filled witnesses for Jesus Christ. We prepare each student to accept the challenges of being a Christian leader in tomorrow’s changing, secular world.

Designed For Success: Our rigorous academic program is nationally rated within the top 15% of schools public or private, which distinguishes us as a 2015 National Blue Ribbon School.  100% of our alumni graduate high school and 85% of our alumni have gone on to graduate from college or a university. 

Secure and Bright Learning Environment: Our classrooms are filled with natural light, the Nurse’s Clinic is staffed full-time, and our positive environment nurtures mental health. Our campus uses a 24/7 security system to ensure the safety and security of our students, and all employees and volunteers undergo a thorough background check.

“Crusaders Care” about Serving Others: Throughout the year, Crusaders rise to meet the needs of our school, our parish, and the greater community, as they grow in virtue and practice the Corporal Works of Mercy.

 The “Crusader Difference”: Our students are consistently recognized for their appearance and presentation. Their integrity, self-discipline, and knowledge-base set them apart from their peers in the public eye and throughout high school. Our Crusaders are happy students!

Prepared for the 21st Century: With integrated technology, our students use iPads, Chromebooks, and ActivPanels, and are also coding, learning robotics and performing dissections. Here, they discover the principles of the Faith as well as science.

Integrated Teaching Styles – Our students learn through technology and traditional methods.  Here we teach cursive and use textbooks, ensuring our students practice the fine motor skills and critical thinking needed for healthy brain development. We teach Latin so our students are familiar with terms used in theology, law, and modern sciences.

Decide for Yourself! It’s not just about what our children will become, but who they are. Come find out more about who are Crusaders are by visiting us! You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get a feel for our community.