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Nurse’s Corner

Nurse’s Corner

Our Lady of Hope School has a full-staff Nurse Clinic.


Mrs. Jennifer Duren

Email: nurse@ourladyofhope.net

Mrs. Carol James

Email: nurse@ourladyofhope.net

Absentee Line: 703-433-6762


Please email your child’s teacher(s), School Office, and the Nurse Email if your child is:

  • Absent due to Illness
  • Absent NOT due to illness (this will decrease the chance that we send you a 3-day Doctor’s Note email!)
  • Tardy
  • Leaving Early for the Day (or for an appointment)

The Student Attendance & Absentee Protocol can be found here for your reference.

Coronavirus Symptoms Compared With Flu, Common Cold, and Allergies

COVID-19 Resources

Quarantine Information

VDH states that individuals who have had “close contact” with someone suspected or
confirmed positive for COVID-19 are expected to quarantine at home if they:
1. are not vaccinated; or
2. have completed the primary series of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine over 6 months ago and
are not boosted; or
3. have completed the primary series of J&J vaccine over 2 months ago and are not

Individuals who have been boosted or have completed the primary series of
Pfizer or Moderna vaccine within the last 6 months or have completed the
primary series of J&J within the last 2 months are not required to quarantine.

Students, faculty and staff who are fully vaccinated and/or boosted within the last six months
(or those with natural immunity) will not be expected to quarantine after having exposure to an
individual who tested positive for COVID. They are, however, required to wear a mask for ten
days and test on day five if possible or sooner if symptoms develop.
If a parent does not want his or her child to wear a mask, the student will remain out for the full
10 days. If the parent agrees to have the child in a mask, the school has the right to enforce
that decision and send them home if the child does not comply.
The Virginia Department of Health recommends that all who have had “close contact” take a
COVID test on day 5, if possible.

View our Response to Covid

Information is our best tool in the face of the challenge presented in dealing with COVID-19. Below is a list of resources we recommend:

CDC General COVID-19 Page

Virginia Department of Health

CDC Mask Guidelines


Student Forms

VA School Entrance Health Form – New Students & 7th Graders

Health History Update – All Students (annually in August)

Vaccine Religious Exemption Form

Tuberculosis Clearance

Over the Counter Meds (Pain Relievers, Cough Drops, Chapstick)

Medication Authorization

Refusal to provide medication and Liability Waiver


Inhaler Administration

Asthma Action Plan


Epinephrine Administration

Allergy Action & Treatment Authorization Form

Antihistamine Form