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Forgot Lunch?

Forgot Lunch?

Front Lobby Dropoff Bin

If you drop off a forgotten item for your child such as a lunch or snack, please clearly label it with the marker and sticky notes provided. The Front Office is not responsible for dropped off items.

Any child who has a lunch or snack dropped off after the school day begins, should check our “Lunch Dropoff” bin in the Front Lobby before going to Lunch or if it is missing during snack.

My Child Doesn’t Have Lunch! What Now?

We know parents are busy and can’t always make it back to school with forgotten items. While lunches are not able to be purchased the day-of from the lunchroom, we encourage parents who are not able to make it back to school to please order through GrubHub, UberEats, or have food delivered to ensure their child has a lunch for the day. Please email or call the School Office to let us know if a service will be dropping off food for your child.