Our Lady of Hope Catholic School A National Blue Ribbon, K-8 school located in Potomac Falls, VA Messengers of Hope for the World!

Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

“OLOH offers an unbeatable mix of challenging academics (a blue ribbon school with a 98% pass rate in reading and 95% in math), incredibly dedicated and caring teachers and staff who make learning fun and challenging and who invest in their students long after they leave their classrooms, as well as families and students that take care of one another. Most importantly, the OLOH staff and students live out their Faith in everything they do, a wonderful example of Christian leadership for our kids to grow up with. As one of the teachers said, “OLOH is not just a school, but a community,” and this is a warm, welcoming community that our family is thankful to have found as our second home.” (OLOH Parent, 2023)

“For the past 8 years, OLOH hasn’t only been our kids’ school, it’s been our extended family. The teachers and staff are very caring and supportive and its small size lends itself to creating special bonds among students, staff, and families. Most importantly, it weaves the tenets of the Catholic faith throughout the curriculum and daily activities in a genuine effort to form faithful, compassionate, well-rounded and virtuous members of society. I love the school’s continuous drive to improve and its receptivity to feedback/input. OLOH is an incredible blessing for our family.” (OLOH Parent, 2023, niche.com)

“Strong test scores, spirtually enriching, lovely teachers who deeply care about their students. Students seem really happy all the time and the grounds are beautiful.”  (OLOH Parent, 2018, schooldigger.com)

“Our Lady of Hope is an amazing Catholic school! We love it and have really seen our children grow spiritually, emotionally and academically at this school. Thanks in large part to the awesome teachers, supportive administrators, and caring school community.” (OLOH Parent, 2020, Greatschools.org)