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rSchoolToday App

rSchoolToday App

rSchoolToday Mobile App – Required Daily Symptom Checker
We are required by the diocese to keep a record of you checking your child’s symptoms each morning before sending them to school. We have contracted with a company called rSchoolToday. They have a mobile app that you download on your phone and it takes about a minute to screen each of your children each morning

Families were asked to have the app downloaded and start daily screenings by Monday, September 21st. Please ensure you are screening your child before the school day each morning.

DIRECTIONS: Go to your app store and search RSchoolToday; you will want to download the “Activity Scheduler” with the baseball cap icon.  
Once the app is downloaded, select Virginia -> Our Lady of Hope Catholic School -> Member Type: Student. Enter the name of one of your students (if you have more than one child, try using the first alphabetical name). Login with “email” using your primary email address in the parent portal and choose a password. Once in, you will see the Daily Health Screening under the menu option. This is where you will go each day to complete your screening and submit. Take your temp in the morning before you come to school, enter the temp reading and then only click the screening buttons to “YES” if you are experiencing symptoms. Click “submit” at the bottom. If you select YES to any screening questions, that’s your sign to keep your child at home.

NOTE: If you have multiple students, click on ”Profile” -> “Selected Profile” to toggle between siblings. 

Posted on September 22, 2020