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Phone number: 703-433-6760 x117

Magistra Thomas

Quiz/Test Schedule

The quiz schedule for next week is as follows:

Tuesday, October 15, 2019: 6th Grade Chapter 4 Grammar Quiz, 5th Grade Chapter 14 Grammar Quiz

Wednesday, October 16, 2019: 7th Grade Chapter 4 Vocabulary Quiz

Thursday, October 17, 2019: 6th Grade Unit 1 Test

Translation and Grammar Resources


Online Dictionaries:

  • Whitaker’s Words, a database created by Notre Dame University and has both Latin to English and English to Latin
  • Perseus Tufts, a database created by Tufts University, it has Latin texts that may be useful later on, but also an excellent dictionary database
  • Numen, a free website that has a word study tool feature and access to flashcards and other things, you need to register, but it is free to do so.


The main website that I would recommend for grammatical resources is the resource page from Dickinson College’s Classics Department. It has grammar books online for those who are interested and it has a list of the most common Latin words that you would find used in real Latin texts. The website is

Students may also use Quizlet to study Vocabulary words or grammatical constructions.


There are some good free Latin dictionary apps that are available, here are some examples:

  • Latin English Dictionary
  • Logeion (I also know for sure that this one is also available for Android phones)
  • Protagoras (this one also has Greek, which the students wont need, but you can search Latin to English and English to Latin)