First Grade

Miss Melissa Marchi

Miss Melissa Marchi

Our first grade class continues to work hard on ALL subject areas! Mrs. Sheedy and I continue to remind them they are now closer to second grade than to being back in kindergarten! They continue to blossom socially, academically, and most important, spiritually. 

Our Valentine’s party will be this Thursday, February 14th!  I would like to inform the parents that you are not obligated to send your child into school with valentines for the class. However, if you chose to send your child into school with valentines you need to make sure you have 23 valentines for EACH student in the class. (24 students in the class including your own child J) I will not allow students to pass out valentines to select people; EVERY STUDENT is to be included.
I would prefer that the valentines be small and able to fit inside a small gift bag. The students will be decorating bags for their valentines. Please DO NOT write each individual students name on each valentine because that will take entirely too long to pass out and the whole process will turn chaotic. Your child may sign each Valentine but do not address them. I would appreciate your help in following these guidelines!  Thanks so much for all you do as parents!
We will continue with our 100 Book Challenge this month! First graders are encouraged to read as many books as they can on the assigned  list. This is optional (but highly encouraged). Students will earn extra button badges for their hard work in practicing reading. 

FALL/WINTER Uniform is now in effect! Please make sure your child has their sweater EVERY DAY as well as sweatshirt and sweatpants on Thursday for PE! Thank you! 

Important Reminders for the school year:
  • Please make sure your child has a HEALTHY snack packed for school.
  • Please make sure your child has their sweater every Friday for Mass.
  • Anticipated Absence: When an absence is anticipated, the parent must submit a written note to the classroom teacher with an explanation and dates of absence.  This note is forwarded to the Principal.  No assignments will be given to the students prior to their planned absence. The student is responsible to request make up work upon return.  The student is required to have completed all missed assignments and tests within three days of return for an extended absence unless otherwise specified by the classroom teacher.  The classroom teacher, in consultation with the Principal, may adjust this requirement if extenuating circumstances warrant this. Parents are strongly urged to plan family trips and vacation during school holidays and summer vacation. Please consult the school calendar to determine these days.  The importance or regular attendance and punctuality is reflected in academic achievement.

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