Mrs. Pamela Skojec

Mrs. Pamela Skojec

Another school year is in session, and we are ready to dive into some great art projects. Many of our projects will relate to the class curriculum. Others will be seasonal or instructional.

There will be an increased focus on using tools the right way. Rulers, compasses, protractors, scissors, and tracers all will be in play.  If you haven’t used scissors at home with your child, please consider practicing with them. One to one instruction is always better than learning a skill like that in a group.

Class participation is important, and even if your child is not a Rembrandt they can still get good grades by earnest effort. Mistakes are always a wonderful way to learn what works differently or what not to do next time.  Working neatly, finishing the projects assigned, being creative, using the tools correctly, coming prepared, and trying hard are all skills we are working on this year.

Speaking of coming prepared, smocks are necessary in this class. A smock can be bought online or just use an old button-down shirt that has worn out its welcome.  Here is the link for a 4-pack of smocks for 3-8 year olds that you can share with fellow classmates for about $12.  Only $3 per smock when purchased in group! Not bad! Please don’t use aprons as they do not protect sleeves.

No need to wash them often as they are only used to catch occasional paint splatters, glue drips, or oil pastel smudges. We like to keep those uniforms clean. Older students also need some protection from splatters.

As a reminder, as stated in the handbook, students who get a 1 in Art or Music are NOT eligible for honor roll. So everyone needs to try their best.  Let’s make this a fun year of learning and creating beautiful art which reflects God’s lovely world.

ART Class Schedule:

Tuesday — Grades 3 and 1

Wednesday — Grades 7, 5, K, and 4

Thursday — Grades 2, 6, and 8

Mrs. Skojec


~~ “Every artist was first an amateur”~~

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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