Nurse’s Notes

Please email your child’s teacher(s), Mrs. Matzke, and the Clinic Nurses at: if your child is:

  • Absent due to Illness
  • Absent NOT due to illness (this will decrease the chance that we send you a 3-day Doctor’s Note email!)
  • Tardy
  • Leaving Early for the Day (or for an appointment)

Please review the Student Attendance & Absentee Protocol found here.

Welcome to the 2019/2020 School Year 

A few reminders as we begin the new school year:

  1.  If your child will require medication (either daily or for intermittent conditions), please fill out and return the Medication Authorization Form.
  2. Parents must drop-off/pick-up all medications.  Do Not send medications in with your child.
  3. Any medications left after your assigned pick up day will be disposed of.
  4. Each student (new or returning) should submit an updated Health History Update form.
  5. If your child’s health status changes, please fill out a new Health History form.  This is especially important if your child develops any allergies or asthmatic conditions.
  6. All forms are located in the margins of this webpage.


We appreciate all that our families and staff do, to help keep the Our Lady of Hope community healthy.  Have a Happy and Healthy 2019/2020.


Allison Kellner

School Nurse

E.M.R., T.E.C.C.

Clinic updates may be found throughout the school year on this page.


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