Absentee Protocol

If your student is ill and/or will be absent today please call the school absentee line at 703-433-6762.

Please email your child’s teacher, Mrs. Matzke and the Clinic staff at Nurse@ourladyofhope.net if your child is going to be:

  • Late
  • Tardy
  • Leave Early for the Day (or for an appointment)
  • Absent/Sick

If your child has been seen by a doctor for an injury or health concern, please contact the Clinic Staff.

Vacation/Missed Days: If your student will miss multiple days of school due to vacation or other circumstances, please also include Mrs. Pittman on the email.

Picking up Missed Work: Please submit all requests before 10 AM. Please email the teacher to ask for missed work to be sent down to the school office (also copy Mrs. Matzke on the email). Teachers do not have access throughout the day to their email.

Books are available to be picked up after 3:30 PM in the school office.


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