Christmas Pageant Costumes 2017


Dear Parents,

Our entire school will perform a Ceremony of Lessons & Carols the evening of Tuesday, December 19th, in the church.  We hope you will bring your family and friends to enjoy this beautiful event!

Here’s a great website for cheap costumes:

KINDERGARTEN ANGELS The white tunics and halos will be provided for you.  Wings are optional, but not necessary.
1ST GRADE SHEEP Sheep may be white or gray.  Miss Marchi will send home detailed instructions.
2ND GRADE STABLE ANIMALS Mrs. Esti will send home detailed instructions.
3rd – 8th GRADE




Hebrew townsperson costumes.  See notes below.


Girls:   Simple tunic-style of any color; (does not need to tie at waist) veil over the head that stays in place; sandals with, or without, socks.


Boys: Simple tunic of any color (even multi-colored) tied at the waist with rope or cloth; loose pants underneath; may also wear a long vest; head covering tied with rope or cloth or made into a turban; sandals with, or without, socks.



COSTUMES PROVIDED FORGabriel, Wise Men, Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, Herod, Shepherds, Adam, Eve, Serpent, Scribe, Isaiah, Micah, Ahaz and Angels.


All actors and soloists who need a mic will need to wear a belt over their costume.

Pageant Costumes 2017

Posted on November 28, 2017

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