Art Times

There are lots of different projects going on in the art room lately. We are finishing some calligraphy projects in the upper grades which are absolutely gorgeous!  Take a look at our Artsonia page soon to see them! Lunar New Year inspired many hanging lanterns around the school.  It is still winter, so there are snowmen peeking out here and there along with some amazing snowflakes that will never melt.

We are also starting the art projects for the auction! This is a busy time in the art room, so if you have time to volunteer to help your child’s class accomplish their project on time it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for remembering to send an art smock every week. Sometimes we use them, sometimes we don’t, but it is always good to have them just in case. Without one, the student can’t paint or do those messy projects. The smocks rarely have to be washed unless something from the lunchbox spills on them.

Posted on January 27, 2019

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